Describe us your goals and we will advise you on the company that best suits your needs.

The service includes

  • the choice of the best company model
  • preliminary consultancy on company and tax profiles
  • drafting of the act of incorporation and the statute
  • drafting of the notarial deed and registration of the company in the Business Register

The service does not includes

  • possible lease cost of a registered office
  • Virtual Seat cost
  • Service to become VAT payers
    In the Czech Republic, after the company constitution and the assignment of the VAT number, you can operate; however, in order to become a VAT payer, you must have the VIES registration (European system for the exchange of information on the VAT)
    VIES registration is not automatic. It normally occurs after the application to the office in charge, when you have obtained a certain revenue, or when you give evidence that the company has a normal life and the application is integrated by a business plan.
    With regard to the purchase invoices that have been received in the meantime, you have one year to register the related VAT into the balance sheetAnyway, all the services listed above are available for the clients with separate bargaining


Sole proprietorship

Any Czech or Italian citizen with a Czech address can start it. It is very affordable from a fiscal point of view, in fact you can pay 15% of taxes thanks to several deductions.

S.R.O. - Spolecnost s rucením omezeným, spol

The s.r.o. is a limited liability company, quick to set up and with a simple management.

You do not need to be a citizen of the Czech Republic to constitute a s.r.o., you do not need to be a Czech citizen to be its director or associate.

A minimum share capital of only 1 Czech crown is required (equal to 5 euro cents or slightly less), even if we suggest a capital of at least 1,000 Czech crowns, (less than 50 euros).

The founder can hold 100% of the shares and also be the director.

The law establishes that the administrator should not have previous convictions for financial crimes, such as simple or fraudulent bankruptcy, swindle and embezzlement: therefore the criminal record certificate, issued by the administrator’s last country of residence or by the State of which the administrator is citizen, is always required.

The founder cannot be a sole associate of more than three s.r.o. companies at the same time.

A.S. (Akciová spolecnost) - counterpart of a joint-stock company

The AS can also be constituted by a sole member, if you have a legal entity, or by two or more members if you are a natural person. The minimum share capital is 2 million Czech crowns (about 77,500 euros).

SE - European Company

It is regulated since 2005 by a European law which establishes a minimum share capital of € 120,000.

It can be started in every country of the European Union, and has the same constitution and management in all European countries.